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Once Upon an Alma Mater

by Efren M Zavala

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This past this week in mon  history

So there is still not a comic from the story line... this will just have to do for you. As you might already know, is that I like Japanese shit. Not literally. I like gaming, and I like drawing.... but I got busy. So just keep waiting for the next filler... there are just 2 more till I post an actual colored story involved comic. 

Movie Finisher Motha Fugga!

More stuff out of the blue... just try to cope.

 Metal Gear Solid youtube poop # 2

I forgot what this was... it was provably funny.

 Instant Karma from Happy Slap

Ok, so the story in this is that the guy that you are about to see slaps a kid on a bike...

 California Wildfire Solution 2008

Effective atleast.

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