Ok so this is the CAST page, and if I haven't told any one about it it's because I have been busy doing like a thousand things at the same time, any who this has some of the characters that you are now witnessing. I'll later post sketches of the characters that are in or going to be in the comic soon.

Main characters!!!


Efren Zavala

Mexican born and American raised, Efren is fluent in both cultures, but never excelled at mixing the two. He’s an art major and terminally unemployed, though it is not for lack of trying. Physically the strongest member of the group, Efren is often asked by his friends to perform manual labor that they can just never find the time to do. He is often prone to abuse his heritage by using Spanish as an escape in difficult situations. Efren is easily the most laidback and easygoing member of the group, though it is not entirely to a fault.

Matt Farr

Being an angry, cynical loser with a bizarre sense of humor and an affinity for blunt objects has always put Matt on the fringe of acceptable company, but he is not without his redeeming values. As the only member of the group without an actual major, he finds himself with a lot of free time, which he uses productively for the benefit of all mankind. Because Matt tries to waste as little effort as possible on a task, he is often able to find simple (sometimes dangerous) solutions to a problem. While he is a good natured person deep down, Matt is prone to seemingly random fits of extreme violence.

Liz Foster

There have been many words to describe Liz, most of them in anger and none of them entirely accurate. Liz is a science major at Paxton University and the only member of the group to have ever been officially deemed a danger to themselves and others by the state of West Virginia. Liz loves excitement, lives for the moment, believes you can only be truly happy when you are dodging grievous physical harm and, as a friend, she does her best to make sure the people she cares about are always as happy as she is.

Sam V

As the oldest and most mature member of the gang, Sam believes in doing things by the book while following the spirit of the law if not the letter. She doesn’t like to cut corners and wants anything she’s associated with to reflect as much. An open and shut tomboy, she has never been one to shy away from physical activity or confrontation, though her code of honor dictates that she never strike the first blow. Sam is currently a business major.

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